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AdVantage offers a complete package for marketing and business development.
We do not compromise with false promises, incomplete packages and a 'one size fits all' approach that quickly becomes false economy.
From the outset you can expect:


Simple - we provide a complete marketing package for all budgets

Learn with us

We keep you informed throughout - FULL transparency

As part of our services, our strategy is also designed to educate you and your team on what we do, how we do it and why we do it. The aim here is to ensure that as we help ensure your business grows, you will have the option to either continue to work with us or use your new staff to continue our marketing work as a result of your business growth. Our aim is to ENSURE RESULTS for your business to give you OPTIONS. This is our whole purpose and existence as a company.

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What creative services do we offer?

Our services GUARANTEE business growth...

To ensure success for your business, we take a more complete approach than our competitors. Everything we do is based on comprehensive research into your business, with full integration with your team. You will feel as if we are your own marketing department

Advanced campaigns, from A/B split tests to full tracking and monitoring on each campaign to make sure your budget is NEVER wasted. Everything you spend is treated like it’s our own money – we WILL NOT see it go to waste. We have regularly seen campaigns launched by other marketing and promotions companies where, put simply, promoted ads have been terrible. No REAL targeting, poor attempts and tracking performance and poor quality posts/ads.
From professional photography to high quality videos for your business. We are very creative in our photography and video services, from full video editing to well staged photos and content to ensure our ad campaigns, web design and more is AUTHENTIC. Stock images are not ideal. Your potential customers want to know YOU. They want to see you are legitimate.
We are experts in WordPress website design and we can also work with other CMS platforms. From a basic website or blog site to advanced sites, e-commerce and much more. We are competent in a range of e-commerce facilities, such as Shopify and WooCommerce and ClickFunnels for the highest quality landing pages and lead capture technologies.
We can offer you a GENUINE SEO service that significantly raises the visibility and search engine scoring of your website. Again, we take an informed, targeted approach, such as high quality backlinks, relevant text that relates to search terms, google site kits, Yoast SEO plugins and so much more besides.
This is where we get REALLY creative. From PR events arranged for your business to leaflets, posters, banners and so much more. We can even take a unique approach to brand awareness and PR for your business depending on your sector and needs. You will find we can get VERY creative and outside the box!

We conduct in-depth research into your business, your sector, the relevant market, locations, demographics, competitor analysis and much more.


Based on our research, we get creative, We begin designing example content and other creative tasks based on your requirements (re-brand for example)


We propose a project to you, with timelines, costs, proposed budgets and much more. This ensures you are fully informed and can make the best choice for your business


This is where we integrate with your team and utilise all available resources to ensure success and business growth.

Team Integration

We work WITH you and your team...

We constantly monitor the success of every aspect of our marketing project with you. We will be fully transparent and we won't mess around. Where something hasn't worked, we will constantly tweak and re-tweak until it does. We will think outside the box and get highly creative with your campaign. From eye-catching designs, images and videos to tasteful, or even humerous videos that captivate your audience. You and your team will be fully involved and kept up to date throughout. You will be in control and again, you will learn a LOT from our services.


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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and our passion is to help make sure all business, regardless of their budget can grow and succeed. Especially in these turbulent times. Got a great idea? A great product or service? Let us help you shout about it!


We are offering our top level service, FREE for two winning businesses.
In addition to 50% off for 8 runner up businesses.